Charco Decor Panel

A charcoal sheet is the best wall highlighter material. This helps you to give your home interior a completely new and outstanding look. It can be used widely. More interior places can be decorated with this charcoal sheet. It has more longevity. A charcoal sheet is very much durable than other home decor materials. You get more color choices and options. The charcoal sheet gives your house walls a standard and classy look.
    CHARCO DECOR an amazing Charcoal based product is advanced in its aesthetics, durability and corrosion resistance. It has simpler techniques and fancier impression in surface treatment. Moreover, it has an unexampled advantage in low cost. Consequently it becomes popular with numerous customers both at home and offices. The new environment-friendly material applied to Residential & Commercial Decoration. Raw Material is Charcoal + Polystyrene
Charcoal sheet can be used anywhere Designer Charcoal Sheets is a mixture of charcoal and in interior part for e.g. sofa back wall, entrance area, bed back panelling, wardrobe, door, partition and you can even use in ceiling ... A charcoal sheet is you can state a kind of laminate at the same time, it isn’t precisely a laminate. It is a PVC based material for beautifying purpose.