Best Interior Design Ideas for Living Room

The place where we all gather, laugh and play is undoubtedly the living room. The focal point of a home, its place between kitchen and bedroom acts as a natural centre, drawing guests from morning wake-ups to after-work nights in. We spend a lot of time in living room, so it not only needs to look great, but it also needs to be functional and comfortable.
Best Interior Design Ideas for Living Room :
The color scheme.
Choosing the appropriate furniture.
Pay attention to the sitting area.
Lay down area rugs.
Open up the living space.
Utilize the vertical space.
Choose appropriate light fixtures.
Create a Focal Point.
Try a Symmetrical Layout.
Integrate a Variety of Decorative Elements.

These living room design mistakes can be easily avoided in our 'what not to do' guide.
Selecting the Wrong Sofa
Forgetting Prime Wall Space
Hanging Curtains Wrong
Ignoring Clutter
Forgetting Furniture Heights
Making It Too Precious to Live In
Hanging Art Incorrectly
Poorly Planning Your Layout
Buying a Rug That's Too Small
Falling Into the Showroom Look
Choosing a Disproportionate Coffee Table