Hanging Curtains as high as possible in a space makes the space look larger, and creates a vertical illusion of the room being spacious. It makes the room look more luxurious as well, and gives the room a cozy and inviting look, too.

Curtains need to perfectly match or compliment your existing furniture and decor, otherwise they will look completely out of space in your home. Choose tones that already exist in your home, and work with them for the rest of your furnishings well.

  All the textile elements in your home need to have a common element tying them all together. Your home’s textiles should all match each other in some capacity. Your curtains should match your pillows, rugs and your throws. Make sure your bedsheets match your curtains, too. You could go for similar materials, similar colours or use the same fabric in different colours as well

 Curtains are a reflection of your style and taste. It serves many purposes apart from stopping dust and the sun's rays. Curtains are a wonderful way to add color and beauty to any home's decor. They bring style to a living room with long drapes or whimsy to a kitchen with a colorful valance. Modern Curtains look great in all rooms. . Select from a wide range of shower curtains, door curtains, windows curtains, window blinds, kids curtains, curtain rods and curtain tie backs as per your room decor. Curtains serve many purposes in a household. They make your windows look more beautiful. They also protect your home by keeping prying eyes away. Curtains are useful for hiding while playing a game of hide and seek with the kids. Hence, the importance of this elegant piece of furnishing cannot be missed. While selecting the perfect curtains for your home, it is important to check the curtain designs, material, color, length, and whether it will match your walls and furniture.

In the kitchen, choose valance curtains to add color and style. We enjoy cooking and eating in a room that is warm and inviting. Choose matching table linens, such as placemats and napkins, to match the new valance. In the living room, choose long, flowing curtains to set off furniture. Enjoy solid colors that will match your furniture to bring color to the room. Good curtain designs offer beautiful colors and shades to match your decorating style. Go with neutral drapes to match sofas or choose sheer cotton curtains online to add a lighter element to the room.. These include curtains for living rooms, for bedrooms, poly cotton curtain, polyester curtains, satin curtains, linen curtains, designer curtains, and a whole lot more! While choosing your curtains, you may also choose other types of matching furnishings like carpets and rugs, flooring and mats, cushions, and more from our collection.

What are the different materials available in curtains? Curtains  are available in various materials like Polyester, Cotton, Poly Cotton, Silk, Jacquard etc

What is the difference between Black out and sheer curtain? Blackout refers to a foam-backed, opaque fabric used to black out light. Blackout fabrics are most commonly found in hotel rooms as curtain linings or drapery fabrics whereasa sheer curtain is the type that allows the most light through the fabric, which also means it offers the least privacy.

What are the designs available in Curtains? Curtains can be classified as Floral , Geometric, Traditional, Abstract or Solid Curtains based on their designs.